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Internet Security

With Internet security a major concern, HMA Pro VPN offers computer users the ability to connect to the Internet through a secure system and behind a firewall of added protection.

Secure Internet Connection

Security of Internet connections is of great concern for anyone who surfs the information highway whether it be for fun, pleasure or business.

What is VPN

HMA Pro VPN is all about Internet security and providing a safe work environment for anyone who likes to surf the web or transfer personal and sensitive data.

HMA Pro VPN Review


HMA is a virtual private network developed for the purpose of providing Internet security through encryptment of all activity and prevents hackers, spammers, cyber spies and phishers from taking advantage of the cracks in the system and siphoning out personal data and sensitive information.  HMA also provides security for all the applications used during an HMA encrypted Internet session.

HMA is a software program that is downloaded to a computer and setup and configured to that computer. When the user establishes an Internet connection through the HMA program, the connection is assigned an IP address at random while providing privacy for the real IP address. HMA also has servers located throughout the world to accommodate international customers.

The program is easy to use and most people with basic computer knowledge will be able to master the program in a short period of time. There is no special training required to use the program and HMA provides customer support in the event of problems or questions. Support is available through online chat and email.

The greatest strength of HMA is the security it provides for computers who use public WiFi. Those systems are typically unsecured and using that type of system brings a higher risk. Such systems are usually found in Internet cafes, public libraries and other public log on spots. HMA provides a firewall that keeps the Internet connection secure and keeps all work and applications behind a curtain of privacy.

One of the perks of using HMA is the user’s ability to change server locations and IP addresses while in the middle of an Internet session. Anyone tracking your computer will find it all the more challenging to track your movement as your computer seems to move from place to place. The change in address or location can be accomplished manually and at random or through a time set change at a predetermined time.  HMA offers security on level with government entities and also provides users the ability to connect to sites otherwise blocked by worldwide agencies.

HMA is available for a monthly fee and generous discounts are available for multi month purchases. There are several plans available and all plans are subject to the same benefits including access to all available servers. HMA customers also enjoy unlimited bandwidth. There is no demo version available, but if the user cancels their first month subscription within the allotted time frame, the monthly fee will be returned.